Summer Solstice 2015

Friday, my youngest son graduated from his week at Space Camp, and today his orientation for a summer college program began.

After the graduation ceremony was over, my mom and I viewed some of the space artifacts in the Davidson Center where the graduation had taken place while my son retrieved his belongings.

One of the items that impressed her most was the Apollo 16 Command Module seen here from the side:

Apollo 16 Command Module
Apollo 16 Command Module

and seen here from the bottom:

Apollo 16 Command Module
Apollo 16 as viewed from the underside

By now it was past noon, and we had a long drive ahead of us, so we got in the car, and my youngest son navigated us through Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina, until finally, we were home.

It had been a long drive at the end of a busy week, so yesterday, I spent most of my time luxuriating in the fact that I was not driving, and I got very little crochet done, but today, I picked up my bent-tipped Clover yarn needle and set about weaving in the ends of various things that needed the ends woven in.

First up was my current front burner project, my second granny square basket. I like to get the ends of the bottom woven in before I start working up the sides, so with bent-tipped needle in hand and scissors by my side, I got the ends all woven in:

granny square crochet basket
A view of the interior of the bottom of the granny square basket to be

Pleased with how well the weaving in of ends had gone, I turned my attention to one of the ten-round granny square for my current practically perfect bag project from which I have taken a bit of a hiatus:

crochet granny square

Clearly, it needed some work, so I got busy, and in short order all the ends were woven in:

crochet granny square

I know that this summer will be over before I know it, but in the meantime, I will do what I can to hang onto each day and ply my craft, one stitch at a time.