Sunshine and shadow resurfaces

Now that summer is really and truly here, I am faced with doing the things that I have been putting off, not the least of which is organizing my yarn annex.

The yarn annex poses a bit of a conundrum for me; I know I need to get rid of some of the yarn, but I don’t know which yarn I need to get rid of.

Paralyzed by indecision, I did the next best thing: I grabbed the unfinished object nearest the door as one enters the yarn annex.

As it happened, the nearest UFO was the “Sunshine and Shadow” baby blanket, a project I first began in the Spring of 2006, and which I unearthed this past April.

At the time, I took the squares and strips I could find and put them together. Here is how it looked as of late April:

The sunshine and shadow crochet blanket resurfaces
The sunshine and shadow crochet blanket resurfaces

I gathered as many completed squares as I could find, but discovered that I needed to make a couple of more squares in order to finish the third row. I had a vague recollection of having used an 5.0 mm hook, so I tried that, but the resulting square was too large.

Next, I tried a 4.5 mm hook which resulted in a second square that was almost, but not quite the right size.

I moved forward, undaunted by these missteps, and tried using a 4.25 mm hook, a size hook I would have often had with me at the time I began work on the blanket, and voila, I had new squares that fit just right.

Here is how everything looked just before dinner:

a rainbow of crochet squares
I finish the third row for my sunshine and shadow project

No doubt this UFO will proceed as so many UFOs do: in fits and starts, but I am moving forward, and while I am using the yarn that is in my yarn annex and weaving in the myriad ends that are part of this project, I just might gain insight as to how I can organize that yarn that remains.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and shadow resurfaces

  1. Working with one’s hands leads to mental breakthrough- excellent plan and project!

  2. I love the way that the piece is turning out and the description of your process. Good luck with the yarn organization. I find it’s an ongoing process 🙂

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