Surrender to the chaos

When my youngest son was in boychoir, there was another mother with whom I would frequently chat while we waited outside the choir center for our children to be dismissed.

While my choirboy is the youngest of three, the older two being grown and on their own, this woman’s choirboy was the oldest of four, all of them under the age of 11.

Despite having to navigate the logistics of frequently conflicting schedules, this particular choirboy’s mother always came across as placid and at ease. I wanted to know her secret, so I asked.

Her advice: surrender to the chaos, and today that is exactly what I did.

Thankfully, yesterday was not the vortex of activity that today was, and while I was not super productive, I did manage to finish this square:

six round multicolor granny square
Crochet square A-4 before the joining round

which can be seen here in situ but before joining:

crochet granny squares made into a crochet blanket using a join as you go technique
Preparing to join crochet square A-4

and then as it appeared after it was joined to the beach blanket to be with Red Heart Super Saver burgundy:

crochet granny squares made into a crochet blanket using a join as you go technique
Square A-4 joined to the body of the crochet beach blanket to-be

I then moved onto Square B-2. Using a combination of the directions in the book, and the notes I took the last time made this project, I completed the first seven rounds:

crochet star centered granny square for a join as you go crochet blanket
Crochet square B-2

After adding a strip of double crochet stitches across the right-most edge of squares B-1, I-1, and A-4, I prepared to join Square B-2:

join as you go granny square blanket
I add a row of double crochet (far right edge) and prepare to join Square B-4

Which I joined using Red Heart With Love clover:

join as you go granny square crochet blanket
Square B-2 joined to the crochet beach blanket to-be

Today, I turned my attention to “Square” A-5. I have the “Square” in quotes, because it is really two four-round granny squares. I started by making and then joining the “inner” portion of “Square” A-5, and then finished by working the outer four-round granny and joining it, as can be seen here:

join as you go granny square crochet blanket
I join Square A-5 (lower right)

I am hoping that tomorrow there will be just a touch less chaos I need to surrender to.



2 thoughts on “Surrender to the chaos

  1. As your blanket comes together and the chaos surrenders to you, I begin to hear a little tune start playing in the back of my head, “…you’re gonna make it after all…!”

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