Lucky thirteen

Yesterday after I finished attaching the two four-round granny squares that comprise what is described as Square A-2 in the directions for the Granny Square Sampler Afghan (found in the Better Homes and Gardens book, Crocheting & Knitting, I experienced what can most accurately be described as acute color remorse.

No matter how hard I tried to think of something else, the specter of Square A-5 loomed large on horizon that is my psyche. While I liked the squares separately, I did not like them together, and my first order of crochet business was accepting that it would be quicker to actually change the squares than to think about changing the squares. After too much time spend wishing I liked what I had done, I took a step back and finally unraveled the fourth round of each of the two granny squares.

Still not entire satisfied, I unraveled the third round of one of the two squares, and I then I was ready to once again begin moving forward. With my 5.0mm hook in hand, I got to the business of reworking the squares that had plagued me. When all was said and done, here is a detail of how “Square” A-5 looked after reworking:(the two four round grannies seen on the right side):

join as you go crochet multicolor crochet granny squares
I rework crochet square A-1

and here is how it appeared in relation to the rest of the crochet beach blanket to-be:

crochet granny squares made into a crochet blanket using a join as you go technique
How the beach blanket to-be looked after reworking Crochet Square A-5

Finishing up “Square” A-5 for the second time left me free to study a photo of the afghan that allowed me to determine that of the remaining 13 squares to be worked, Square D-1 was the best place to start, so I did. Here it an be seen before being joined to the beach blanket to-be:

a crochet square for a granny square blanket made using a join as you go technique
Crochet Square D-1 before the joining round

and here it is seen in situ before joining:

crochet granny squares made into a crochet blanket using a join as you go technique
Crochet Square D-1 ready to be joined to the beach blanket to-be

While I did go on to join Square D-1, I failed to get a photo of it before moving onto Square A-1, the first 7 rounds of which can be seen here:

a multicolor granny square for a crochet blanket
Crochet Square A-1 before the joining

With the ends woven in and trimmed, I then joined Square A-1 to the main body of the blanket:

crochet granny squares made into a crochet blanket using a join as you go technique
I finish joining Crochet Square A-1

It can be hard to know when a change is necessary and when effecting a change is just another way to delay the inevitable.

As for me, I am glad to have finished two more squares, leaving me 11 squares to complete in the next 10 days.

I hope I am up to the challenge.

8 thoughts on “Lucky thirteen

  1. I like the way my eye is drawn across the blanket from A-5 all the way up to A-1. In the past, I would look at two or more blankets and just decide, in what I thought was an arbitrary manner, which I liked best. With you breaking down your color choices I can “see” how my likes and dislikes are affected. I am learning so much from you!

  2. You’l make it, and when you do the completed beach blanket afghan will be as amazing and breathtaking as it has been in the process.

  3. You are doing a fabulous job. I LOVE the colors, I LOVE the squares, I LOVE THE BLANKET!! Can’t wait for the finished creation.

  4. As today is day: Cinco de Mayo I send you: Mucho Mojo de Ganchillo!!! I believe in YOU and your incredible crochet abilities….. This is going to be an amazing Wedding Gift!!!!! A truly Original, Unique and One of Kind piece of Art!!!! Lucky Recipients!!!!

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