Ta-done: Sunshine and Shadow

When the sun rose on Saturday morning, I decided that I absolutely, positively had to do whatever it took to finish the Sunshine and Shadow project before the weekend was over,so I got out my trusty 4.25 mm Boye hook, all of the yarns I would need, and set to work.

The first order of business was to decide how I would crochet the border. I looked at the edge:

an edge in need of a crochet border
Sunshine and shadow before adding a border

and decided that I wanted the border to accomplish two goals:

bring together the gaps where the corners of the squares were joined
be unobtrusive

After some fiddling here and there, I settled on a slip stitch border.

Here is how the first few squares looked with the border:

a suitable crochet border
I start a border on sunshine and shadow

Satisfied that this effort accomplished my crochet goals, I continued all the way around the blanket.

In much less time than I expected, I had finished crocheting the border, and in the process created 80 ends to weave in:

eighty ends to weave in
Sunshine and shadow with the border crocheted and ends to be woven in

Armed with one of my Clover bent-tipped needles and blind optimism, I got work, and by the time I went to sleep last night I had all the ends woven in; all that was left for me to do this morning was to trim the ends, block the blanket, and then wait for it to dry:

sunshine and shadow crochet squares made into a bordered and blocked blanket
Sunshine and shadow crochet blanket bordered and blocked

If the project had aged the way the child it was originally intended for has, it would be ready to start the third grade this fall, and while I don’t recommend waiting as long as I did to finish this project, there is something very satisfying about taking that which isn’t done, and turning it into something that can be used and brings what I hope is some joy into the life of the person using it.

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