The continuing saga of the bag that refuses to be completed

I decided to work on my African Flower Hexagon Mamy bag today.

When I last wrote about this project, I had managed to piece together 13 of the 48 hexagons that will comprise the bag:

thirteen crochet hexagons
Three of eleven rows of crochet hexagons for a crochet bag

Since the day was going to be hectic and filled with travel, I packed up my state fair entry and opted to work on a project that still fits on my lap or a table at an outdoor cafe. That, and I want to finish the bag so that should an adventure present itself, I will be ready.

I began the bag on July 13 as I readied myself for Bastille Day festivities, so it seemed appropriate to spend the early afternoon with the hexagons spread out on one of the outdoor tables at The French Market in Knoxville.

Located on the site of Major General Ambrose Burnside’s Headquarters during the siege of Knoxville, my 12-year-old contentedly ate a Nutella crepe with strawberries at a (at least to his way of thinking) famous historical place while I continued to work on the bag.

With all of our comings and goings, I only managed to make and add three new hexagons, but I did get them attached and wove in all of the ends. When added to the other work I had completed since the last update, I found I had finished 21 of the 48 hexagons needed to make the bag:

twenty-one crochet hexagons for a crochet bag
Five of eleven rows of crochet hexagons for a crochet bag

As much as I would like to spend a lazy Sunday tackling this bag, I will once again have to set it aside and return my attention to this year’s entry for the state fair.

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