Taking inventory and trying not to panic

With Dotghan 1.0 completed and the month of August now a memory, I decided that I had better take an inventory of the cookies I have made for my 2013 North Carolina State Fair project to get a better idea of where I am in relation to the schedule I laid out for myself when the first of August arrived., an when I did, I had to try not to panic.

After collecting all of the cookies in one place, and laying the small ones out on the coffee table:

small crochet cookies
Small crochet cookie inventory

I found that I had 35 large crochet cookies which included these six large cookies I had crocheted over the weekend:

six large crochet cookies
The front of the three large multi-color candy cookies and three Lemonades to be

This put me 3 large cookies ahead of where I had hoped to be, but left me with a large number of messy ends to tame:

Three large multi-color candy crochet cookies with ends in need of weaving in
Three large multi-color candy crochet cookies with ends in need of weaving in

Having spent much of Friday working out the particulars of how to crochet the large multi-color candy cookies, it too me almost no time on Saturday to figure out exactly how I would crochet the small multi-color candy cookies. But even with these six small multi-color candy cookies:

small crochet cookies
Half a dozen small multi-color candy crochet cookies

and these six small future frosted sugar cookies:

small crochet cookies
Six future small crochet sugar cookies

I was still 72 small cookies shy of my September 1 goal, and I had a lot of ends to weave in. I really didn’t ┬áhave any extra time I could use to panic.

With that in mind, I got out my hook and set to work finishing the jam-center cookies, and by the day’s end I had crocheted the last remaining large jam-centered cookie, and the 14 small jam-centered cookies needed for my project:

I finish the jam-centered crochet cookies in an effort not to panic
I finish the jam-centered crochet cookies in an effort not to panic

Having closed the small crochet cookie gap by 14 cookies , I decided to take a small breather and with my hook in hand and some Red Heart Super Saver warm brown at my side, I did a test joining to make sure that the cookies would fit together as I had imagined they would, and happily for me, they did:

crochet cookie motif
One of 49 crochet motifs needed for my 2013 North Carolina State Fair project

Clearly, I have a lot of work to do if I am to make another 48 cookie motifs and have them all joined and ready to go by the October 14 deadline, but at least I won’t have to wonder what I need to do.

6 thoughts on “Taking inventory and trying not to panic

  1. You’re doing great work and I love checking on your progress. Keep going girl!!! Betty

  2. SO very excited to see all of your weekend progress but I have to giggle too as each summer since I have been sharing these NCSF adventures with you I Have noticed a pattern….. You carefully plan chart and start a project even considering how many articles you expect to complete at a time… and THEN you set it aside and work on burning new projects that seem to call to you….. then You go through a momentary ‘Oh NO will I have an enough time moment’ and you resume the NCSF piece…. I love the thrill of the RIDE!! Happy Labor Day… Here’s some Holiday Mojo my friend!! Hook on…..

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