Toward a ten crochet square bag

My current front burner project, a ten crochet square washable bag, is going both more quickly and more slowly than I anticipated.

I have, for the most part, had a relatively easy time making color decisions for this project. I’m not sure why this is the case, but I attribute it to the fact that it is spring, the days are getting longer, and the light in New Mexico is exquisite.

And because the light is exquisite, today I sat myself outside and fit as much crochet into the day as I could.

I started out sitting on the patio with a couple of future squares and a handful of yarns:

Plein air crochet

Then, when it got to cumbersome to get up and down from my chair and in and out of the house in search of the “perfect” color, I brought everything out and got to work in earnest.

With a panoply of acrylic yarns at my side, in seemingly no time, I had made progress on the nine remaining squares:

Ten future granny squares for a washable purse
Ten crochet squares for a washable purse

There were ends to be woven in, but my progress had reached that point where I felt I was on the downhill side of the project, and after a nutritious lunch so that I would have the energy I needed to do my work, I resumed my efforts, and I thought I was done for the day:

The squares get nearer completion

But it turned out I wasn’t.

I was so excited that I was nearing the finish that I kept going, and now two of the ten crochet squares for the bag are done, and eight just need the corners crocheted:

Ten almost done multicolor granny squares for ten crochet square washable bag

There are, obviously, a few ends to be woven in and trimmed, and the remaining corners to be crocheted will generate another 64 ends to weave in, but I will continue to pursue my dream of a ten crochet square washable purse, one stitch at a time.

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