The adventure begins

Today I put down my pencil and set aside the pieces of graph paper that have been accumulating next to my official crocheting chair, took a Clover bent-tipped needle from the chibi that keeps my bent-tipped yarn needles safe, and set to work.

In the past week, my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project has begun to reveal itself to me in unexpected ways, and I am trying to both respect the project’s intentions while continuing to move forward.

Today, however, I awoke to the last forty days and thirty-nine nights left to work, so beginning with this square that recently revealed itself to me:

The adventure begins with Bauhaus Crochet Quilt Block II
The adventure begins with Bauhaus Crochet Quilt Block II

I consulted the myriad pieces of paper next to my chair, and after some hesitation and second guessing, I got to work:

crochet square crochet rectangles
My 2011 state fair crochet project begins to take shape

Once the square was assembled, I took this photograph which is when I noticed that two of the greens appeared very similar. I wasn’t entirely certain that the similarity worked to the advantage of the project, so I removed the outermost green and replaced it with burgundy:

crochet square crochet rectangles
The central crochet square of my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project after a revision

I liked the look of the square better once the burgundy was in place, and I think I will have a much easier time in rounds that follow for having made the change.

While I don’t really know at the moment what this project will look like when it is finished, I do know that each stitch will be it’s own adventure..

8 thoughts on “The adventure begins

  1. Beautiful. I love watching it take shape, Leslie. (Now tell me, how do I get a virtual chore-doer of my own? LOL)

  2. Is there a certain yarn you are using with your bent needle to assemble the squares?

    This is so fun to watch in progress, thank you. I am making a baby Babette blanket and I am almost done with the squares.

    1. I am using Red Heart Super Saver and Red Heart Classic yarn. I leave v-e-r-y l-o-n-g tails so I have them for weaving in ends.

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