The case of the missing vinx ear

This Sunday morning began as so many of my Sunday mornings do: I walked my dog, Clooney, and while I was walking my dog, my fervid imagination took flight and assembled a formidable crochet to-do list for me.

Once we returned to the house, I gathered together all of the pieces I had made for all of the vinxes and arranged them on my front porch.

I had all of the pieces I would need, save one Craft Smart purple yarn ear.

I knew that somewhere in my house there were two or three other ears in exactly the right color because several times when I have gone to take a photo, this particular vinx is often missing an ear.

So each time I crochet another ear, and after five minutes spent looking for one of the previously crocheted ears, I came to the same realization I have come to on at least or two or three other occasions: it is faster to crochet a new ear than to look for and find one of the ears that you know you crocheted.

So that is what I did, and I was able to get a photo of the vinxes laid out with all of their pieces:

crochet stole vegan minks
All the pieces of a future vinx stole

I few things interrupted the agenda my fervid imagination had planned for me, but I managed to get back on track, and eventually, I finished joining the pieces of a second vinx, and made substantial progress on a third:

four crochet minks
Four vinxes, all in a row

and, if you look closely at the vinx face furthest to the left, you will see that another Craft Smart purple vinx ear has gone missing:

four crochet mink faces
Four vinx faces

I am very close to finishing this project, and I know that when I do, all of the missing purple vinx ears will be revealed, but in the meantime, it looks as if I will have to crochet at least one more vinx ear.



One thought on “The case of the missing vinx ear

  1. I totally recognise what you’re saying, but it sounds so funny 🙂
    I like the vinxes, are they scarves or just decoration? Anyway, I think they’re cute!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

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