The changing face of a great granny square blanket

Some marks are permanent, and can never be erased, but some, like the edge of a great granny square blanket, can entirely (and sometimes dramatically) alter the entire character of the project, something I think of as a “changing face,” and the sequence of colors I used on rounds 23 through 27 demonstrate the changeable—some might say, mercurial—nature of color.

I had worked the twenty-second round in a bright green that brought a tone to the overall square that I thought was needed but was not how I wanted the piece to end. Using a slightly quieter pink with a lot of orange in it, I crocheted the twenty-third round:

The first twenty-three rounds of a multicolor granny square blanket
Twenty-three rounds

From there, I decided to add a touch of purple with a color from Big Twist that is erroneously (to my mind) described as “fuchsia.” While I don’t think they got the name right, I do think the color is perfect, but, like the green, it isn’t where I wanted to end:

The first twenty-four rounds of a multicolor granny square blanket. The last rounds demonstrate how one color can
Twenty-four rounds

With an idea in my mind’s eye of how I want the finished piece to look, I went in search of what I think of a “bridge” color, one that ties together the color sequence of where I have been to the color sequence I think I will be crocheting.

To that end, I tried a green that tended toward blue, but seven or eight granny shells in, I was not impressed. I frogged it and tried going forward with a yellow.

While not exactly what I had envisioned, it gave the granny square a retro flair that I enjoyed both looking at and crocheting so I plowed forward:

Twenty-five rounds

Wanting to pink things up, I tried another fuchsia (which actually looked like fuchsia) and ended up using a yarn described as “bubblegum.” Pleased with the effort, I finished the round in relatively short order:

Round twenty-six of a multicolor crochet granny square blanket
Twenty-six rounds

From there, I decide to create another quieter sort of color moment with a color that reminds me of the peach ice cream I used to get at Mr. Botts in Berkeley. It was always a special occasion when my Aunt Rheta would take me there for a treat, and the color captured, for me, that particular memory that I associate with summer and fit with the overall color ethos of the blanket:

The twenty-seventh round shows the changing faces of a multicolor crochet granny square
Twenty-seven rounds done; nine to go

There are still nine rounds to go.

Nine opportunities to decide just exactly what this finished blanket will be, and I will continue toward that goal, one stitch at a time.

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  1. This is coming together very nicely. I agree, big twist got the fuchsia name wrong! Think maybe a green next? Every 6 or so rows between tends to give it a floral feel.

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