Thirty-two rounds done; four to go

Whenever I begin one of these great granny square blankets, the final round seems a million miles away, and while that might not be the actual distance, it is the psychic distance. Somewhere between rounds twelve and sixteen, I hit a wall, and despite my progress it feels like it will never get done. Then suddenly, I reach a point where the momentum builds, and I find myself within range of finishing, which is where I found myself today when I reached thirty-two rounds.

I had reached twenty-seven rounds, and I had thought that the remaining nine rounds would be slow going, and at first they were. After nearly completing the first twenty-eighth round, I changed my mind about the color, and I pulled it all out and reworked it. So after only two hours of effort counting all crochet, hesitation, and frogging, I finally had round twenty-eight done:

A twenty-eight round multicolor crochet granny square
Twenty-eight rounds

The “tending more toward blue than orange” pink that I used seemed to have kicked something loose, and while I did end up frogging the first green I used in favor of another, it only took me one quarter of a side to know that what had been my first choice was not going to work, so in less than an hour, I had completed the twenty-ninth round:

A twenty-nine round multicolor crochet granny square
Twenty-nine rounds

And it was after I finished the twenty-ninth round and was looking over my color options, that I decided to change course with my color order, and I used a blue:

A thirty round multicolor crochet granny square
Thirty rounds

It was a definite shifting of color gears, but I really liked it, so I continued forward, this time with an orange about which I had no doubts:

A thirty-one round multicolor crochet granny square
Thirty-one rounds

From there, I used a dark bluish red, and with that, I had thirty-two rounds of crochet done, leaving me just four more to go!

The first thirty-two rounds of a  multicolor crochet granny square
Thirty-two rounds

So I carefully folded the ends in to see how it looked:

Thirty-two rounds of a multicolor crochet granny square with the ends folded in
Thirty-two rounds into a great granny square with the ends folded in

There are now just 1656 stitches left between me and being ready to block this blanket, and when the sun rises on tomorrow, I will move forward, one stitch at a time.

3 thoughts on “Thirty-two rounds done; four to go

  1. Looking good! It’s interesting to watch the colors throughout the piece seem to change with each additional row.

  2. Soo, beautiful.
    I donated several small ones. I had several balls of left over yarn and unlike yours couldn’t/didn’t have the same color to use more than one time. Since it was sort of mindless, unlike doilies that I enjoy making, that have to be counted/frogged it’s rather rewarding?!
    Again, yours is lovely and with the number of rows that are in it, it’s a work of art.

    Really enjoy your website with your backstories.
    thanks and best

  3. Do you have remnants of method or parameters for making these choices, Leslie? Or is it just trial and error? Just curious…;)
    I thought the move of bringing in the blue so late in the game was bold and interesting. Not sure I would have dared to bring in something so different at that point, but wonder whether I limit myself too much in color choices by going with the obvious…

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