The changing of the mailbox cozy

December 1 and it’s time to switch out my mailbox cozy to better reflect the nature of the season:

a gingerbread inspired crochet cozy for a mailbox
Gingerbread mailbox cozy

This gingerbread mailbox cozy is a reminder to me that there are any number of things I want to make to give as gifts for the upcoming holiday.

One at the top of the list is this tissue box cozy courtesy of The Royal Sisters. Pictured here:

crochetbug, crochet tissue cover, free crochet pattern, crocheted, crocheting
Michelle Kludas’s granny tissue box cover

there is also an excellent tutorial which can be found here.

Another project on my “must make” list for this holiday season are these amazing slippers:

crochetbug, felted crochet slippers, crochet slippers, crochet gifts, free crochet pattern
Liecel Tverli Scully’s absolutely adorable house slippers

While the pattern at is for knitters, I know of a crocheter who, using worsted weight yarn and a 5.00 mm hook, made squares of single crochet which measured 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm to create a crocheted version of this rather saucy house slipper for adults.

Additionally there is Mommy Knows which details one woman’s adventures in adapting the pattern to work with the materials and skills she had at hand; a worthwhile read whether you intend to make the slippers or not.

Another pattern that is tempting me during this gift giving season are these Victorian Shell Mitts found at Bron’s Blog:

crochetbug, crochet fingerless gloves, fingerless crochet gloves, free crochet pattern
Victorian Shell Mitts

Given that I am chronically cold, I am attracted to patterns that hold the promise of a finished piece that will help me keep warm.

I will continue to work on my go-go granny as time permits (and happily, today time allowed for piecing together of one of the sleeves, and I am hoping that tomorrow will allow me to finish the other), but now that December is here and winter and the holidays are upon me, I know that I will find any number of things I want to make in the next 3 weeks, because it is exactly the gift I need to give.