My go-go granny dress begins to take shape

The last few days I have wondered if I would ever get this dress done, or, if it would, as the African Flower hexagon Mamy bag has, successfully defy my efforts to finish it. At times I thought this crochet dress would never take shape.

Today, however, the project reached a tipping point, and this time, it tipped in my direction.

Having ascertained yesterday that the dress in in its then current state was going to be too long for me, I started the day by removing the bottom row of the front panel:

With a revision to the layout of squares my crochet dress begins to take shape
I revise my go-go granny crochet dress and it begins to take shape

After removing that row, I kept it intact, and used it in the back panel which can be seen here with one of the sleeves I had laid out:

my go-go granny dress really begins to take shape
My go-go granny right before it rained

While I will not have finished the go-go granny in November, the month I dedicated to unfinished objects, I am gratified at the progress I was able to make on my work these past thirty days despite some unavoidable non-crochet commitments as well as the kick-off of the holiday season.

Once I get this dress done, I will set aside the as yet unfinished cat runner and turn my attention to projects I want to complete and give as Christmas gifts. At least one of them is a work-in-progress and will qualify for UFO status.

November went by in a flash. I will do what I can to make December linger a bit longer, but I am guessing that even with the extra day, it will be gone in the blink of an eye.