The course of true love never did run smooth

This is the declaration Lysander makes In Act I, Scene I, of A Midsummer’s Night Dream the full context of which is shown here:

Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run smooth;
But, either it was different in blood,–

 If that love is one such as I have for my go-go granny dress-to-be, then truer words have never been spoken.

Today’s visible progress on my go-go granny dress was modest.

I almost finished four squares:

crochetbug, crochet squares, granny squares, granny square dress, crochet dress, crochet square
Three and three-quarter new granny squares

My lack of progress on the dress can be directly correlated to my progress on errands.

After successfully avoiding errands for several days in a row, there were some I could no longer put off, and while I was out doing the errands that-could-not-be-put-off, there were others that I-might-as-well-get-done while I was out, and I did those also.

So I got both food and litter for my cat, tracked down a much needed nose for an as yet unfinished amigurumi lemur, purchased more poly-fil stuffing and Red Heart Super Saver blue needed for a soccer ball commission, picked up a few gifts for my older sons Christmas care packages, as well as new water filter for my refrigerator.

One area where I did make a bit of progress on the dress was determining that given the gauge and drape of the squares I have made, I need to make the dress one row shorter, reducing the number of squares needed from 94 to 86. As of this writing, I am just over 7 squares shy of the number needed.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but it is my sincere hope that I am better able to bridge the gap between the pattern I am using with the vision I have.

If ever I needed a month to have thirty-one days, then this November is that month.


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