Day 3: The countdown to December

Today I did my best to be a mindful crocheter, paying attention to the stitches I made, weaving in the ends, and just generally keeping my attention focused on the work at hand as the countdown to December continued.

I started the day out on my back deck, enjoying late autumn’s morning sunshine, but after an hour or so, my hands had gotten more than a little chilled. The bright light might have suggested warmth, but it was only a suggestion, and eventually I had to pack up my stuff and come back into the house.

As far as my attempt to crochet mindfully, there were times I was less successful than others, and being inside the house provided distractions that the deck did not, but I am beginning to catch myself when my mind begins to wander, and when all was said and done and I had counted the squares made today, it turned out that I had finished 14 of the 33 remaining squares needed for my go-go granny dress.

Here is what I had finished by the late afternoon:

The ten crochet squares I got done before sunset as the countdown to December continues
The ten crochet squares I got done before sunset as the countdown to December continues

After dinner I finished four more squares which are not included in the photo.

Tomorrow is a new day, and a hectic and crowded one at that, but I am hoping that I can put the time I do have for crochet to good use, and maybe, just maybe, I can get this dress done before midnight on Tuesday as the countdown continues.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: The countdown to December

    1. All of the undone things in the house are what distract me. The gluey spot on the rug, the dirty socks I can’t see but that I KNOW are underneath a chair, the not-at-all-orderly stack of books that I have left out, bits of yarn from trimming the endless ends that I always seem to be weaving in.

      But if I take care of everything that is undone before I sit down to crochet, I will never crochet.

      Kudos to you for either having all of that stuff done or being able to not let it bother you. Either way, you get your crochet done.

    1. I am hoping that my shiny orange rainboots arrive soon so that I can pull the whole ensemble together.

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