The cookie-dough-ku

I don’t know that my oldest son and his girlfriend really want a cookie-dough-ku, but indulging me on this project is the price they have to pay to get the kitty litter cat mat they they know that they want.

With the kitty litter cat mat ready to be sent (as soon as the companion cookie-dough-ku is done), I spent all of my crochet time today working on several of the nine different cookie varieties I need for the project.

One of the first things I did was redesign a cookie I had included in the cookieghan that is based on one of my favorite the Girl Scout cookies: Lemonades™

The Lemonades™ inspired cookie I made for the cookieghan was delightful to look at, but not quite as much fun to make. This time around I was looking to make a cookie that was a bit simpler to make.

When all was said and done, this is what I came up with:

lemon shortbread crochet cookies for a crochet sudoku
Three lemonades crochet cookies

My next pressing crochet chore was to frog the last round of the apricot jam filled crochet cookie (the round where I squared off the cookie) an redo the squaring off using the new method I discovered yesterday:

apricot jam crochet cookie
Apricot jam crochet cookie with a reworked square

Pleased with the results, I forged ahead with some much needed redesigns.

The original cookieghan had two varieties of sugar cookie: frosted and sprinkles.

After seeing this box of Krusteaz® Bakery Style cookie mix when I was at the store:

Crochet cookie inspiration
Crochet cookie inspiration

I decided that the cookie-dough-ku sugar cookie would be mash-up of the two. I had worked the base cookie of my first attempt in a half double crochet stitch. While I liked the look of the cookie before it got squared off, it didn’t look it’s best when it was squared off, so I redid the base cookie in a single crochet which made the squaring off ever so much easier:

crochet sugar cookie
Frosted crochet sugar cookie with sprinkles

Satisfied that the frosted crochet sugar cookie with sprinkles was as awesome as I could make it, I then turned my attention to revamping the peanut butter blossom of the Cookieghan to make a smaller version that would better work with the other cookies in the cookie-dough-ku.

After some modification, the new peanut butter blossom looked like this:

Peanut butter blossom crochet cookie for the cookie-dough-ku
Peanut butter blossom crochet cookie for the cookie-dough-ku

Tomorrow should be another cloudy and rainy day which is — as best I can tell — perfect weather for crocheting cookies.


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  1. So love your cookie blanket and now you latest cookie dough ku blankets, are you planning to write up the patterns one day or give us a basic idea to work from, as I would so like to make one one day
    Hugs Audra

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