I start to piece together the cookie-dough-ku

I woke up this morning with grand plans, and while I did not manage to cram everything into the day that I had envisioned getting done, I did make substantive progress on the cookie-dough-ku.

The first order of business (after breakfast, dog walking, and dishwashing) was to design a suitable chocolate chip cookie for the cookie-dough-ku

The cookies of the cookie-dough-ku are smaller cookies that are made a larger hook than the cookies in the original cookieghan, and I learned though trial and error that one of the two foundation cookies I used for the cookieghan does not work well for the cookie-dough-ku; this reality has necessitated some cookie redesigns of which the chocolate chip is one.

After more than an hour spent crocheting and frogging chocolate chip cookies that didn’t work, I finally stumbled on one that did:

chocolate chip crochet cookie
Chocolate chip crochet cookie

Satisfied with the chocolate chip cookie, but not quite as satisfied with the amount of time it took to figure it out, I then worked on squaring off some of the cookies from earlier in the week and making enough to the “blank” squares so that I could begin assembling the pieces for the center nine-patch panel of the cookie-dough-ku.

Here is how the future center panel looked before my son’s trumpet lesson:

sudoku crochet squares
The center crochet cookie sudoku square before joining

and here how it looked afterwards:

sudoku crochet squares
The center crochet cookie sudoku square after joining

I am certain that tomorrow (as was true today and the day before) my hands will not get done anywhere near all of the work my imagination can think of, but I will continue to more inexorably forward on my journey to make this cookie-dough-ku.