The cookie-ness of cookies

The transition from cookieghan cookies to cookie-dough-ku cookies has not been as seamless as I had thought it would be.

The thirteen varieties of cookies I developed for the cookieghan were the result of many months of disciplined study. I scoured the internet for pictures of cookies, examined cookies in bakery display cases, and studied the pictures of cookies on packages in the cookie aisle at every grocery store I shopped at looking for cookies that best exemplified the ideal of “cookie-ness.”

My goal was not to make something that merely evoked the idea of a cookie, but to create objects that were as close to real cookies as I could get with worsted weight yarn and 4.0 and 4.5 mm hooks.

The goal of the cookie-dough-ku is different.

Because the purpose of cookie-dough-ku is to be a puzzle that can be solved rather than a collection of joined objects to be contemplated, I needed dual purpose cookies that could be used either in the layout of the puzzle or as place markers for solving.

Moving from what had been primarily eight or four-round cookies to exclusively six-round cookies required a couple of redesigns, and today, as I was preparing to join the new six-round peanut butter blossom I had designed the other day, I realized I was not entirely satisfied with it, and I made yet another revision.

Eventually, I finished the redesign of the cookie and got this far with the top left nine patch panel for the cookie-dough-ku, seen here on its own:

crochet cookie crochet sudoku
The top left crochet cookie dough ku square

and here with the previously completed center nine patch:

I nearly finish a second cookie-dough-ku ninepatch panel in all of it's cookie-ness
I nearly finish a second cookie-dough-ku ninepatch panel in all of it’s cookie-ness

Tomorrow I hope that I will be able to set aside any doubts that I might have and simply crochet the day away, one cookie at a time.

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  1. Leslie what color are you using for the blank squares? I am trying to pull together some pale neutrals and IT seems to the One that has been alluding me!!!

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