The crochet paws button

When I was thinking about what I would work on this weekend, I decided to set aside the great granny square blanket I am working on, and focus on the crochet amigurumi pieces that were on my dining table which happened to include two crochet paws, which ended up being more complicated than I had expected.

But before I got to what ultimately stymied me, I worked on the pink crochet Sugarbunny I first began work on ten days ago.

To be honest, the Sugarbunny project should really be no more than an afternoon or two (or three), but my life is not currently working that way, so with ten days having passed, I still haven’t made as much progress as I would have thought, and this weekend I sought to remedy that.

I started by frogging recrocheting the pieces.

Since I first began work on it, I started another different amigurumi from the same Hello Kitty Crochet collection. I used a smaller hook, and I liked how the second toy seemed to come to life and was able to stand on its own.

I wanted the same for the Sugarbunny, so I got to work.

By early this afternoon, I had gotten this far:

A crochet sugarbunny with embroidered brown eyes and two crochet ears

The next step was to recrochet the muzzle, embroider it, and then attach it to the head.

So I did:

A crochet sugarbunny with a muzzle attached and the face completed

The muzzle really gave the Sugarbunny personality, which in turn made me want to finish Purin, the crochet golden retriever who had inspired me to crochet with the smaller hook.

I got to work on the decrease to finish him, and I had just reached the point where I could attach his crochet paws, and I realized that I didn’t know if I should stuff them or not.

I consulted the directions which said to “thread excess yarn through the center of the foot,” and I came to the realization that I didn’t quite know exactly what I was being asked to do.

I consulted the photo in the book, but as it is a small, digital image in shades of mostly gray, I got no clarity on the next step, so I took this photo of Purin on his own:

I revisit my crochet Purin and try to figure out how to attach his crochet paws

and got this photo of Purin and Sugarbunny together:

A not quite finished pink crochet sugarbunny and yellow crochet dog.
Two future amigurumi friends

and decided to call it a crochet day.

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  1. These guys are so cute! I love making animals and dolls. Can’t wait to see them done!

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