Purin the crochet golden retriever takes shape

With the days still stretching ahead of me with all the time in the world to crochet, I am concentrating my efforts on crochet amigurumi from my recent Hello Kitty Crochet purchase, and my current front burner toy is a crochet golden retriever named Purin.

Like all of the patterns in the book, Purin is full of personality, and Purin is equal parts charming, mischievous, and just plain fun.

In the last blog post, I had gotten seventeen rounds in with another five to go before I could begin the decreases, so I picked up my hook where I left off, and made it all the way to where the decreases are to begin.

Then I stopped where I was, wove in the ends that were dangling, and attached the crochet arms:

Purin the crochet golden retriever with arms and all of his ends woven in
Purin with his front paws

With the ears and arms and beret fully secured, I took a moment to see if Purin could stand on his own.

He could:

Amigurumi Purin almost ready for adventure
Purin tries standing on his own

With Purin so close to finished, I decided to turn my attention to the great-granny square blanket I am working on and check to see if my color decision making abilities were refreshed.

They were.

Sort of.

After some initial struggles, however, I once again made progress getting myself all the way to the ninth round before I had to take a break.

Nine rounds into a great-granny square blanket

But then, after multiple color consults with my color consulter, I finally got my colors started again, and finished one more round before it was time to take photos:

Ten rounds into a great-granny square blanket
Ten rounds of what will be a thirty-six round great-granny square blanket

With Purin the amigurumi golden retriever nearly completely crocheted, and my color indecision abated for the moment, I will continue as I always do, one stitch at a time.

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