Where color indecision lead me

I had every intention of making substantial progress on the great granny square blanket I am currently working on, but color indecision led me to a crafting roadblock I was unable to get around.

I had breezed my way through the first of what will be a thirty-six round great-granny square blanket when completed, but I hit a color wall when I got to the seventh round.

I had four contenders:

Crochet color indecision plagues me as I reach the seventh round of a future granny square blanket

But even after a color consult and thinking about it far longer than was useful, I had no clear idea what color to use going forward onto the seventh round.

So I did the only reasonable thing.

I started a new project.

I recently purchased the book, Hello Kitty Crochet with designs by Mei Li Lee. It is the official Sanrio authorized collection of Hello Kitty inspired designs, and it is a real treasure, so after I hit the wall of color indecision, I started going through my digital copy, and came upon the character of Purin:

The page of Hello Kitty Crochet featuring the character of Purin with a  very small amigurumi cake

I know absolutely nothing about the character other than what is visible to the eye, but when I saw his super cute ears and an awesome beret, I knew I had to make him.

Another bonus for me? I had the suggested colors within arm’s reach, so I had no color decisions to make.

With a 3.25 mm hook and some worsted weight yarn, I got to work.

First one ear, then another, an adorable beret soon followed, and then I found myself needing a head to which I could attach the pieces I had made, and after I got the first sixteen rounds done, I started to put them together so they would not get lost:

A future amigurumi Purin with facial features, ears, and beret attached

Since this is going to be a gift for toddler, I did make a decision to embroider all of the features so that nothing could be pulled off and swallowed.

All in all, I am that the Hello Kitty Crochet book is a wonderful place to turn when I need to escape my color indecision.

2 thoughts on “Where color indecision lead me

  1. I would probably follow the pink with the blue even though that duplicates blue in the square (and those two blue don’t necessarily harmonize on my screen), but it does allow the most pop for the pink, rather than swallowing it up as the other three choices seem to do. On the other hand, I like the less conservative, more unorthodox pink with orange…maybe put it next to neighboring squares, which may change this squares colors yet again?

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