The flowers that ate time

The other day when I began my quest to make the perfect shawl/scarf, I ended up designing this deceptively simple flower:

a blue crochet flower
A single crochet flower

I say deceptively simple because while there is nothing complicated about the flower on its own, because I am using a join-as-you-go method to assemble the flowers, when massed in numbers greater than one, the flowers take on a life of their own, the ends messy and in need of being woven in before you go onto the next one.

Couple that with the fact that my kinetic memory for this motif is not yet well-established and has more than a few kinks in it, and before you know it, the afternoon is gone, and you don’t have as much to show for it as you thought you might.

Here is how far I got with one of the shawls:

crochet flower shawl
One crochet flower shawl (thus far)

and here is how far I got with the other:

future crochet flower shawl
A second crochet flower shawl

I am a terrible judge of how long things will take, and while the execution of this project is straight forward and technically easy to do, it is not one that can be hurried.

There is no room for impatience, so I keep moving forward as I do with all of my projects: one stitch at a time.

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