Sunshine, shadow, and flowers

I recently began making regular forays into an area of my home known as “the yarn annex” in an effort to bring greater order to my crochet endeavors there I found  sunshine, shadow, and flowers .

As a result of one of these forays, I unearthed a “Sunshine and Shadow” inspired baby blanket that I had set aside when it became apparent I didn’t have enough time to finish it before the due date of the baby for whom it was intended.

Here is how it appeared when I found it:

rainbow sunshine and shadow granny square crochet blanket
A long abandoned sunshine and shadow crochet baby blanket

and here is how it appeared shortly before sunset today after I had woven in all of the ends that I did not need for joining. I even managed to add a missing square and begin work on a third row:

rainbow sunshine and shadow granny square crochet blanket
More sunshine and shadow

and while it felt good to make progress on this long abandoned project that is not being put it its highest and best use in its unfinished state, another project has revealed itself and will not wait.

As my long time readers might recall, my mother’s father had a brother named Pete, and the existence of this mysterious great uncle had catapulted me into a genealogical adventure that, at the time, momentarily sidetracked my crochet efforts (which you can read about here).

Now, however, this same uncle is leading me to a new crochet adventure.

This past Saturday, my mother had the opportunity to Skype with one of her cousins, and it was an emotional experience for both of them. My mother could see, in this daughter of the uncle she never knew, features of her own father who had died when my mother was quite young.

The face, although new to my mom, was completely familiar. When my mom told me about the call, I felt (as I always seem to), that the occasion should be noted with some sort of crochet project, and today, after I had diligently woven in many ends, I got to work on the other, more urgent to me, project.

First, I had to design it.

It had to be something that could be a scarf, a shawl, or a light blanket, and after an hour of looking things over and trying several things out, this is what I came up with:

Four crochet flowers of the sunshine, shadow, and flowers
Four crochet flowers of the sunshine, shadow, and flowers

Given that my mom’s cousin lives in an area where the winters can be cold an linger, I decided that wool was the most appropriate fiber, and after raiding my own Cascade 220 stash, I went to Yarn Tree Studio (my local and incredibly friendly LYS), and picked up these five additional colors:

wool yarn for crochet flowers
Five skeins of Cascade 220 wool yarn

So over the next few weeks, there will be a lot of flowers punctuating my efforts to bring order to my crochet, and as always, I don’t really know where these crochet adventure will lead me, I just know that it is where I want to go.

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