The great sorting

Of all the not-so-wonderful things about moving, one of the wonderful things is the opportunity to go through one’s stuff and decide what to bring forward and what to leave behind. I have come to think of this phase of the move — where I go through the boxes I packed up in a hurry last March — as “the great sorting” because as I unpack those same boxes and look at the items I kept, I have a clearer sense of which things matter to me.

While I was doing some of this sorting, I came across these two crochet remnants which were begging to be rehabbed:

Two more crochet remnants that I found while sorting through my things
Two crochet remnants ready to become crochet squares

Using my seemingly endless stash of yarn, I got to work, and soon enough the remnants had been transformed from easily lost bits into five-inch crochet squares for Project Amigo:

Two crochet remnants rehabbed into two crochet squares
The two crochet remnants rehabbed and ready for adventure

But I wasn’t anywhere near done with my sorting, and when I came across this long abandoned scrap yarn square that I began on November 20, 2017:

An unfinished scrap yarn granny square I found while sorting
An unfinished scrap yarn granny square

I decided that I was not going to get it linger any longer. I wove in ends (a lot of them), I found more longer yarn scraps (enough of them), and then I finished it. After just six-and-a-half months, the five-inch scrap yarn square was finally camera ready:

A five-inch scrap yarn granny square
A five-inch scrap yarn granny square

Emboldened by my success at having finished work on a five-inch granny square in under seven months, I continued with my sorting and came across these three candidates for crochet rehab:

Three crochet remnants for crochet rehab
Three crochet remnants ready for rehab

Making use of a long scrap of the discontinued Red Heart Super Saver chile and a new skein of Red Heart Super Saver jade, I got the three crochet remnants rehabbed with very little fuss:

three crochet remnants rehabbed into crochet squares
Three more crochet remnants rehabbed and ready for adventure

Leaving me time to get this group photo of the six new crochet squares:

Six crochet squares for Project Amigo
Six crochet squares for Project Amigo

which brings the total of repurposed squares and crochet remnants rehabbed to 232:

The nook in the wall with  232 crochet squares
Two hundred and thirty-two crochet squares in the wall nook

I still have a long way to go to reach to one thousand crochet squares, but I will continue my sorting on this crochet journey of repurpose, moving forward one stitch (and one remnant) at a time.

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