The journey of a thousand crochet squares continues

My blog post of March 29, 2018, began as follows:

A journey of a thousand crochet squares begins with a single stitch.

At the time, I was being cheeky. I had just finished rehabbing four crochet remnants into four five-inch crochet squares, and I was thinking of the Chinese philosopher Laozi and the quote attributed to him: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I was not thinking that I would rehab a thousand squares, but now that I have done a count of the squares I have in my possession, the squares I have in storage but have yet to get my hands on, and the squares that I already sent off, I realize that I am about 20% of the way to a thousand squares, and that is when I don’t include the seven-inch squares I am saving for myself.

So it was with the goal of a thousand squares in my mind that I went to storage to look for these rehabbed crochet squares:

fifteen four-patch granny squares decorated with crochet flowers
Fifteen rehabbed crochet squares

and while I did not reach the box of bag that contains these particular squares, I did unearth two more crochet rectangles from my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project, and I added a third that I already had at home:

three crochet rectangles in blue, green, and read
Three more crochet rectangles leftover from my 2011 state fair crochet project

The three of them together would be perfect for another six-inch granny square.

Then, when I was unloading my car, I came across another interesting crochet bit:

A three-round orange crochet circle
An orange crochet circles leftover from my 2006 state fair crochet project

an extra crochet circle from my 2006 North Carolina State Fair crochet project:

a crochet afghan made from crochet squares and crochet circles
Twelve-day afghan

Using a 5.0 and 4.5 mm hook, and the directions for “Squaring off the Circle” fromthe Red Heart Crochet Circles Throw that came out of this effort, I managed to convert the crochet circle from renegade crochet remnant to a fully rehabbed five-inch crochet square ready for adventure:

one five inch crochet square
A newly minted rehabbed five-inch crochet square

Then, turning my attention to the other available remnants, I rehabbed them into two six-inch crochet squares:

two six-inch crochet squares
Two six-inch rehab crochet squares

I am finding the work of repurposing my abandoned crochet remnants incredibly gratifying, and I am going to continue with this work until I reach a thousand rehabbed crochet squares, and I will achieve this goal moving forward one stitch at a time.

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