The downsizing and crochet rehab continue

This past Christmas I received a message at Ravelry from “cheshbrownsr.” My fellow Raveler had noticed that in my “About Me Notes” I said “I make afghans….” He then went on to ask if I would be interested in contributing some squares to a crochet afghan/blanket enterprise he oversees as part of his work with Project Amigo, and as my regular readers know, I said “yes.”

In those same “About Me Notes,” I also mention that I have yet to master the art of being organized, and while I am no where near achieving any kind of organizational mastery, the past four-and-a-half months I have spent working on turning the myriad crochet remnants of my life into useable, five and six-inch crochet squares for Project Amigo have at least brought me closer to that goal.

Since I began work on this effort on Boxing Day 2017, I have rehabbed over two hundred squares. At least forty-nine of them are seven-inch squares that I am saving for myself, but forty-six other squares have already been sent for use in Project Amigo, and at the moment, I have another 120 or so in my home and about three dozen others in storage that are waiting in the wings.

And it is that three dozen or so squares that I was in search of when I went to storage. I ended up being overwhelmed and just grabbed what I could, which is how I ended up with these six candidates for crochet square rehab:

six crochet squares in need of crochet rehab
Six more candidates for crochet square rehab

The four squares on the left were leftover from a crochet permutations project I did many years go. My goal had been to make a “cat runner” to put on the back of my sofa where my cat, Stripes, often sat. My idea was that she would shed on the runner instead of the sofa.

Stripes, however, had a different idea.

Once the runner was completed and in place:

crochet cat runner made from granny squares
The crochet cat runner in situ

she started sitting elsewhere.

The failed cat runner still graces the back of the sofa, and, it turns out, several granny squares from that project were left, like the cat runner itself, with no purpose.

So this weekend when I was not watching baseball or sweeping up cat hair, I worked on rehabbing the squares I had found in my recent run to storage, and eventually, I got them done:

Six rehabbed multicolor crochet squares
The six crochet squares in a slight different order

At this point, I am still not entirely certain what the overarching lesson of this endeavor will be or if it will, ultimately, help me achieve some kind of organizational nirvana, but I am happy enough with my progress that I plan to move forward, one stitch at a time so I can see where my journey with a crochet hook will take me.

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