The mystery of the missing weekend

I don’t really know how this weekend got away from me, but like all of summer, it seems to have slipped through my fingers without me even noticing. It is, for all practical purposes, a missing weekend.

I could make a list things I did get done, but the longer, and somehow easier to complete list, is the one of things I didn’t get done.

Part of the reason my progress felt so uncertain was that when I went to make a template for the center panel this past Thursday, I discovered that four of the eight panels I had believed to be completed actually each needed a round of one-round granny squares around their edges to make them fit together better with the corners and with each other.

That meant I was at least 300 one-round granny squares short of what I would need, so this past weekend, I focused a lot of my crochet effort on crocheting the squares with occasional breaks to weave in the ends.

Shortly before taking my dog for his last proper walk of the day, I got this photo of the one-round grannies I had completed:

Forty-nine one-round granny squares crocheted over a now missing weekend
Forty-nine one-round granny squares crocheted over a now missing weekend

The other thing I had worked on was making the crochet crazy quilt pieces for the center panel.

It is a very slow process as I don’t know exactly what I want until I see it, and it is up to me to make the pieces and then know “the right one” when it appears.

The process in involves almost as much frogging as crocheting, and edge techniques that worked perfectly for one crochet crazy quilt piece can be a complete fail for another.

However, to get to the pieces that work, I’ve had to make a lot of pieces which fall into one of the following four categories: “might work,” “won’t necessarily work,” “won’t necessarily not work,” and “complete fail.”

Occasionally, however, I manage to make one in that that elusive category known as “nailed it!”

Those are the pieces that I am looking for when I take hook to yarn, and here are a few of the contenders:

crochet crazy quilt pieces bordering a replica piece of paper worked in crochet
The crochet crazy quilt center panel begins to take shape

The summer days are fading much faster than I would like. As I walk my dog, I notice that some of the trees in my neighborhood are beginning to show signs of the impending fall, but I will, as I always do, continue to move forward one stitch at a time.