The penultimate autumn weekend

This weekend, the second to last one of autumn, had amazing weather which brought with it, amazing light, and I used every available moment I had to put that light to use and sit on my back deck and crochet.

Friday, I enjoyed the balmy for December temperatures and surrounded myself with the squares I had finished as well as the squares I needed to complete and the yarn I would use to complete them.

I laid the small center squares on top of the yarn that I would use to crochet the five outer rounds, and then, as the light changed, I would move them around and see what I thought.

By 3:30 that afternoon, I had a pretty good idea of which colors I was going to use and just before sunset, I documented my decisions:

josef albers poncho color inspiration
Friday at 4:45 in the afternoon

This allowed me to bring my work in and continue crocheting well into the evening, and I continued my work on Saturday, such that when I finally got myself situated on my back deck this afternoon to take in more of the lovely weather, I had thirteen squares done:

thirteen crochet squares
Thirteen of the sixteen squares needed for my future poncho

Having made such tremendous progress the previous day, I thought that I would finish the three remaining squares well before sunset. Instead, I made one mistake — frogged it — made another mistake — frogged that also — then started on a third effort, and this time met with success and had fourteen squares to show for it:

fourteen crochet squares
Fourteen squares for a future poncho

From there, I continued, making one mistake and then another, frogging and recrocheting as needed, but I did get this far before I decided to pack everything up and take a walk on what could well be the last warm weekend for quite awhile:

sixteen crochet squares
Sixteen almost completed poncho squares

The many crochet mistakes I made along the way today are a reminder to me that one of the things I love about crochet is that unlike somethings in life, the mistakes are often easy to undo, and it takes almost no effort to be able to make a fresh start.

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  1. Crochet is so wonderfully forgiving! Thank goodness! I know I would have been in a mess so many times if I couldn’t “frog” it & start over. I’ve learned so much from my mistakes that it is all worth it in the end.

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