One way, or another

Sunday, after I had finished work on my blog, my husband helped me with some much needed blog maintenance, and we changed the template that I was using for the blog so that it would be optimized for mobile viewing.

Since there were already changes as a result of the new and improved template, I took the opportunity to rearrange a few things (like a dedicated “free pattern” page with links to the free patterns) in a way that I hope will make it easier for my readers to find what they are looking for.

With that long overdue blog chore done, life rushed in to fill the vacuum that had been created, and yesterday and today were filled with errands to be run and things to be done that were not crochet.

But then, shortly after 1:30, the universe loosened its grip and I was able to get to work on what I have come to think of as my color study poncho.

Inspired by some of the exercises in Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color, I was nearly finished with all of the squares for my future poncho, but there were two about which I had some uncertainty, and today, my first order of crochet business was deciding if I would assemble the poncho with these two squares:

two crochet squares
One way

or if I would switch the outer colors, turning them into these two other squares:

two crochet squares
or another

After giving it some thought, I decided to switch the colors.

So, while the fourteen completed squares (the ends of which I had woven in and trimmed):

color study crochet squares
Fourteen crochet squares with the ends woven in and trimmed

were soaking in a tub of warm water in my kitchen sink:

color study crochet squares
A nice warm soak before blocking the color study crochet squares

I frogged the two squares in question:

two color study crochet squares
Two squares frogged and ready to be recrocheted

The incredibly short afternoon was slipping away at an alarming pace, but I stayed focused, wrung the water out of the squares, first by hand, then between towels, and in short order, I had the fourteen completed squares blocked:

color study crochet squares
Blocked crochet squares basking in the end of autumn weather

and while those squares dried in the delightful late autumn afternoon weather, I turned my attention to the two remaining squares and made this progress:

color study crochet squares
I make progress on my recrocheting adventure

As for the poncho, I know that I will finish it; one way, or another.

3 thoughts on “One way, or another

  1. I like both the squares and new format. Since I don’t have your vision, I’m not able to imagine the poncho but am sure you know exactly where you are headed with this. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. I can’t wait to see your finished poncho. I love your bravery with color. I’m just not that brave. After crocheting nearly 40 years, I’ve still not mastered making garments, other than hats or scarves. I tend to stay with single, plain Jane neutral colors, too. I’d love to get colorful at least once. Some day….

  3. Love love loving the new site!!!
    Of course I always love going along on your shared crochet adventures…
    Trying not to imagine this poncho ~ wanting instead to enjoy the full effect of seeing completed!!!

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