The penultimate day

I had hoped to spend the last full crochet day before the entry deadline for my 2014 North Carolina State Fair project working out on the back deck and enjoying some early autumn sunshine, but some rain arrived yesterday, and has been both intermittent and often, so this was how the back deck looked on the penultimate day:

rain soaked deck on the penultimate day
My rain soaked deck on the penultimate day

As such, I was forced to work indoors which is more of a challenge because the light is not as good and there is a lot of pet hair. In fact, as I was busy working on the completing the center panel:

crochet center panel
The center panel very nearly done

My cat determined that her assistance was needed:

my cat piecing squares
My cat, Stripes, assists with piecing the center panel

Eventually I was able to persuade both Stripes and Clooney to leave me to my work, and I was able to get this photo of all of the panels in their not-quite finished glory:

crochet picture panels
An overview of all of the panels assembled for a group photo

I have a long night ahead of me, and I expect that I will not arrive at the fairgrounds with a whole lot of time to spare before the 3 pm deadline, but I will do what I must, and with that, I’m off to finish weaving in some ends.

3 thoughts on “The penultimate day

  1. Hope you get some sleep, but I love this afghan. You really went out on a limb, and it was worth it. There will never be another like it.

  2. This is amazing – and I have to tell you that your efforts inspired me to (finally!) enter our big city centred show….I achieved third place in crocheted homewares, which felt wonderful! Thank you for sharing your stories, and believe me that I know after many 5 am starts how tired you must be feeling right now. But – nearly there, and looking amazing!!!

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