The tipping point

In physics, a tipping point can describe “the point at which an object is displaced from a state of stable equilibrium into a new, different state.”

Today I reached my crochet tipping point of which there are two kinds: the good kind where you realize that yes, you will get this project done despite any doubts you may have had, and the other kind where panic sets in and you are uncertain that you will meet the deadline that must be met.

This evening, my equanimity about my state fair project was displaced from its state of stable equilibrium (the equivalent of denial), and I was propelled into a new and different state more akin to panic. While I diligently tried to work on my crochet for the entire day, all that I was able to accomplish was the weaving in the ends of the pieces pictured here:

crochet circles crochet squares
Crochet pieces for my 2010 state fair afghan with ends woven in

And while it at least makes for a reasonably attractive photo, it is clear that if I continue to work at this rate, the project will not be finished in time for the upcoming deadline.

I will attempt to take some inspiration from the character Glinda in the musical Wicked. Shortly after she and Elphaba part ways, Glinda returns to Oz from the Emerald City and addresses a crowd that has gathered and says “Fellow Ozians – as terrifying as terror is, let us put aside our panic for this one day: and celebrate!”

So, when the sun rises tomorrow, I will attempt to set aside my panic for one day: and crochet!