The vinx stole begins to take shape

This weekend, after fussing with several ear options, I finally settled on one of the options, made two of them, and then attached them to vinx I had crocheted from Red Heart Super Saver Accent orchid:

crochet mink with crochet ears
The first vinx face with ears

I am probably reading too much into the addition of two crochet ears to a purple crochet vinx, but to my mind, the ears transform the vinx from being passive to being active; from simply enduring to actually being an agent for change and adventure.

Again, I am probably reading to much into it.

So I move forward, crocheting one stitch and then another.

I make notes.

I rewrite said notes into usable text that might possibly be understood by others so that they might make their own vinx stole, and I get out my phone and take photos to document the process in case the words fail.

In the early evening when there is still light, I lay out all of the pieces I have so far into an arrangement approximating how they will be assembled when the piece is finished.

Here is an overview:

three crochet minks
An overview of the three vinx in medias res

and here is a view from another angle:

The view from another angle as the crochet vine stole takes shape
The view from another angle as the crochet vine stole takes shape

The vinx stole project is coming together with relative ease, and I have to resist the urge to improve on what is working. There is a certain conceit that can be hard to overcome; the notion that I as a designer am creating a project.

But the truth is that designing is more like an archaeological dig where I unearth and gently brush away the debris that has accumulated to reveal the riches already there.

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