The waning days of autumn

My weekend began auspiciously enough.

While waiting on Friday, I took the opportunity to try out an amalgamation of embroidery techniques I had come across, and when all was said and done, I had completed a denuded tree with leaves scattered about beneath it, similar to the way the tress in my yard will look in a few weeks as state fair season draws to a close and summer’s waning days grow shorter.

Looking it over I decided it needed a something to balance the tree, so I crocheted a pumpkin, the details of which still need to be completed:

embroidery on a crochet crazy quilt piece
A scene on a crochet crazy quilt piece that depicts autumn’s waning days

Satisfied with my progress, I made a bold move and set my main state fair project aside so that I could work on a smaller project the express purpose of which is to create finishing mojo to help me power through to the end on the larger project.

Using Red Heart Super Saver cherry cola, I got to work on this Scooby Doo inspired rendition of Moogly’s Eloise baby sweater.

Having made the sweater once before (you can read about that effort here), I very quickly made substantive progress:

scooby doo inspired crochet baby sweater
A start on a Scooby Doo inspired baby sweater

Today, when I picked up where I had left off, the crochet mojo from the previous day seemed to have carried over, and in what seemed no time, I was just ten rows shy of finishing the main body of the sweater:

Scooby doo inspired crochet sweater
Progress on a Scooby Doo influenced Eloise sweater

When I was not working on the sweater, I used the crochet mojo that it had generated to decorate more of the crochet crazy quilt pieces for the center panel:

three embroidered crochet crazy quilt pieces
Three more crochet crazy quilt pieces tricked out and ready to go

With overcast skies that threatened rain and days now much shorter than they were when I resumed work on this project, I suddenly noticed the darkening sky, and hurriedly placed the crochet crazy quilt pieces next to one another and got this last photo before the sun set completely on the day:

crochet crazy quilt pieces with embroidery
An overview of the crochet crazy quilt pieces so far

The next two weeks will no doubt fly by, not unlike the way the sun seemed to have suddenly set tonight. But I will continue moving forward, one stitch at a time.

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