Thirteen days to the state fair deadline

With this year’s North Carolina State Fair deadline looming on the horizon, I have decided that I absolutely, positively, must create some finishing mojo to see me through, and to that end, I began work on a baby sweater.

Yesterday, I finished work on the “skirt” of Moogly’s Eloise baby sweater, a project I had begun over the weekend to generate the finishing mojo I need to see me through these next thirteen days to the state fair deadline:

the skirt of a crochet baby sweater
A Scooby Doo inspired Elosie baby sweater in need of a bodice

Using the mojo that the skirt of the sweater generated, I got out yarn needle and added more bullion stitches to two of the pieces and finished tacking down the pumpkin on the other:

crochet crazy quilt pieces with more embroidery
I add a few more details to some previously partially tricked out crochet crazy quilt pieces

Feeling that I was getting somewhere, I continued with my embroidery adorning efforts and completed three more of the crochet crazy quilt pieces:

crochet pieces with bullion stitches and other embroidery
Three newly embroidered crazy quilt crochet pieces

and I even managed (before it was time to walk the dog in what little daylight remained) to start work on one more piece:

crochet fan piece with embroidery
Tricking out another crochet fan for the crazy quilt panel

Then, I got this last photo of the day in the five or so minutes that the sunlight hits my porch “just right” in these increasingly short days:

pieces with embroidery for a crazy quilt crochet afghan
An overview of my progress so far as the state fair deadline looms

The shorter days of autumn, are a visible reminder of just how quickly these days are passing by, and before I know it the deadline for the fair will be here, and I am hopeful that this year, I will meet it.

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  1. still knitting here and another package of super wash merino arrived in today’s mail so no crochet for me for at least a month… Sending ALL Of my crochet Mojo your way!!!!

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