The work yet to be done

I readied myself for this year’s Super Bowl by making sure that I had attached all the future troll hair to the second crochet hat I am making using this particular design, and what I saw was there was still a lot of work yet to be done.

With just over 432 strands of yarn left to unravel, I had what felt like a Sisyphean task ahead of me, but it turns out, that unlike Sisyphus–the deceitful and mean god assigned the task of pushing an immense boulder up a hill for all eternity — there will be an end to my unravelling of the yarn for the troll hair.

The end of the unravelling is not fast approaching, but it is approaching, and since I loved playing with trolls as a child (in no small part because of their vibrantly colored hair), I am searching for some kind of enlightenment as I untwist the strands.

I try to think of what I might be learning by doing it that I couldn’t possibly learn any other way.

So far the only enlightenment I’ve really been able to tap into is that unravelled yarn looks really cool, and it looks even more amazing with a crochet headband and flowers to make the colors pop even more:

And as can almost be seen in the above photos, I also got the ears crocheted.

But despite what feels like tremendous progress, there is still a lot of work yet to be done, and I was reminded of this when I looked at the other side of the hat:

The back of the second troll hat with the work yet to be done unravelling the yarn for the hair
The work yet to be done on the second troll hat

The unravelling what is left will take me awhile, but with the progress I have made since Sunday, I am confident that I will get it done, one stitch and one strand of yarn at a time.