A second troll hat ready for adventure

The Tuesday after Super Bowl LIV found me unravelling the yarn for the second troll hat. I had made good progress, but I wasn’t remotely close to done, so after my blog was published on Tuesday, I continued my efforts late into the evening.

By the time the sun had risen on Wednesday, I had made substantial and substantive progress, but….

The second troll hat with almost all fo the yarn hair unravelled
The hair for a troll hat nearly all unravelled

even with all that progress, there was still quite a way to go. But as with all good things, last night, shortly before I was about to fall asleep, it came to an end when I unravelled the final strand of yarn.

This is how it looked this morning:

In need of a good combing out and with a detail work yet to be done.

But my dog Clooney was having none of it. It was time for a walk in the doggy universe where he resides, so any work that was left to be done would have to wait.

When we returned from our morning walk, I turned my attention to the hat and hair that needed to be combed out. As I worked a wide tooth comb through the myriad tangles of the yarn hair, I couldn’t help but think of my maternal grandmother.

On the rare occasions that I let her near my head with a comb and a brush, the pain had been excruciating. She would take a comb to my tangles, and then, when she had managed to get out any knots, she would pull the hair into the tightest braid that was humanely possible.

My head still ache when I think of it, but her method insured that I would tend to my own hair. As for the head of yarn troll hair that needed a comb, I was careful with it, not wanting to cause any damage. It took awhile, but eventually, I got the hair combed out and pulled up and tied into place:

The yarn troll hair combed out and pulled into a pony tail.
Combed out and pulled into a pony tail

Which meant all I had left to do was secure the headband and attach the ears. And then it was done:

The second crochet troll hat was ready to join the first on whatever adventures await:

The first and second troll hat ready for adventure
Two troll hats

Now all I need to do is dive into my stash and find out what project is next.

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