When just enough is just enough

It would seem that I am not quite done with the crochet newsboy hats; either that, or they are not quite done with me, but whichever way it runs, I recently learned this lesson: sometimes just enough is just what you need.

I had taken a ball of bulky weight yarn from my stash of yarns that I had purchased many years ago with the idea of making a “big rug,” and this nine-patch of textured crochet square is one of the many incarnations the “big rug” took over the decade or more it took me to not get it done:

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Nine colorful textured crochet squares made with Lamb’s Pride

I never realized my dream of a big crochet rug, but of late, I have found a purpose for the many skeins of yarn I bought while I was on that quest, and I have made a series of textured crochet newsboy hats.

Unlike a “big rug,” a textured crochet newsboy hat is portable, and so this week when I found myself going out to lunch, I grabbed my L hook and a ball of bulky weight yarn and was out the door.

While I waited for lunch to arrive, I got a start on yet another hat. I got this far before lunch was served:

The center of a bluish purple textured crochet newsboy hat
The center of a textured crochet newsboy hat

After the lunch, I eventually resumed work on the hat.

As the hat got larger and larger, what there was of the ball of yarn I selected got smaller and smaller. When I had selected it, I was certain I had enough, but with each passing stitch, I was less sure, and the question of “would there be enough?” plagued me.

Still, I moved forward, taking the occasional break to go into the garage and root through the bin of bulky weight yarn to see if I could find more of this particular color.

I couldn’t.

Stopping to look for yarn that wasn’t there slowed my pace considerably, and when I finally persisted to the end so I could see if there was enough before I expended any more energy looking for something I didn’t have, I found out that I had had “just enough” all along:

A completed blue-is purple textured crochet newsboy hat made with just enough yarn
Yet another finished textured crochet newsboy hat

And sometimes “just enough” is exactly what you need.