The zen of the orthodontist’s office

My youngest son has today and tomorrow off from school, and as luck would have it, last night we got a small dusting of snow to give the day the festive note that only a snow day brings:

Snow day
A view of last night’s snow fall

Although all the snow had melted by lunch, the day still had the long and languorous feel of a genuine snow day — one in which school is canceled and the State Troopers ask that everyone stay off the road if at all possible.

And for much of the day, my son and I managed to do just that. After I had gotten breakfast for everyone and taken the dog out for the briefest of walks, I then turned my attention to the body of the Crunchwrap Supreme inspired bag. After I finished one row, I did a stitch check and counted my stitches.

I got 59. I was supposed to have 60. I counted again, and again the number of stitches changed. It went on like this for several recounts. But then during one of the recounts, I noticed a mistake several rows down that would require at least five rows of frogging. While my heart resisted this assessment and made up any number of reasons the error would be “okay,” my head wanted me to just frog it, and reset the project, which is exactly what I did.

By 11:00, I had even less done than I had when I started work on it at 10:30, but I was able to successfully set aside my doubts and disappointment and moved forward. By lunch, not only had I frogged my way back to the error, I had finished the body of the bag:

body of a crochet purse
I finish crocheting the body of my Crunchwrap Supreme inspired bag

With the body of the bag completed, I ate lunch and took the dog to a friend’s house for a doggy play date. Once the dog was sufficiently exhausted, I returned home and picked up where I left off and made dots of varying sizes in a variety of colors:

crochet purse with crochet dots
Some decorative crochet dots for my Crunchwrap Supreme inspired bag

crochet dots
I try one arrangement of the crochet dots

By the time I finished the dots, it was time to take my son to the orthodontist for a regularly scheduled appointment. While I had spent much of my day struggling to get things done, once I entered the orthodontia zone, I easily got the circles I had completed appliquéd to the body of the bag, and figured out how to make a gusset and join the sides of the bag:

crochet purse
What I got done while waiting at the orthodontist’s office

I don’t know what it is about the orthodontist’s office that is so conducive to getting work done. Is is the Keurig coffee machine? The lack of wifi? The fact that while there is a television on that shows a local new program, the sound is always turned down?

Whatever it is, I now look forward to my son’s orthodontia appointments, and I will miss them when they are over.

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  1. I love this bag. I’m amazed that you drew your inspiration from a certain size and shape fast food bag. Your dog will be waiting for you at the door the minute he sees you pick this up.

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