Thoughts on using what you have and a second crochet scrap cat

Truth be told, when it comes to yarn and “using what I have,” I have a lot to choose from.

Some of it has been purchased, but a lot of it has been given to me.

Over time I have become a kind of yarn repository, that place where you can unburden yourself of your yarn holdings when you need to move, downsize, or just destash, and while I am more than willing to share what I’ve got in my campaign to dominate the world through crochet, my yarn holdings exceed my supply of nearby friends.

Sometimes I send care packages of yarn to more far-flung crocheting friends, but for the most part, the yarn sits in the area of my attic known as the “yarn annex” and serves as added insulation from the weather for my youngest son’s room.

So with the abundance of yarn in mind, I decided that while I am busy contemplating what to do with the scrap yarn granny squares I recently made, I would make another scrap cat.

One, it is amazingly cute; two, it works up quickly; three, I have enough scrap yarn to make a pounce of scrap cats.

So using this free pattern, a 4.0 mm hook instead of the 3.75 mm hook called for, and some cherry red worsted weight yarn, I got to work.

I started by crocheting a very tidy-edged rectangle that I was able to achieve with just two modifications to the original pattern:

red crochet cat base
The base of a second crochet scrap cat

Then, I began working my way up the sides.

In the first scrap cat project I made, my one regret had been that I worked in a solid color for the first four rounds of the sides of the cat:

scrap crochet cat
Starting up the sides of the scrap crochet cat

So this time I crocheted just two “rows” in the round before switching over to the scrap yarn:

scrap yarn crochet
Putting the scrap in scrap cat

and in short order, I had dispensed with one of my many scrap yarn balls:

scrap yarn crochet cat
The crochet scrap cat starts to look scrappy

I don’t know that I will make an entire “pounce” of crochet scrap cats, but I will enjoy trying.

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  1. I do well following a pattern (latest is “call the midwife” ) and using yarn from my stash this time in self striping Ice yarn. I love to read about your yarn adventures!

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