Three hundred and seventy-five minutes

You can get a lot done in three hundred and seventy-five minutes, and my two adventure ready scrap yarn granny squares are proof.

Yesterday’s weather was perfect.

The skies were clear, the humidity was low, and I had large piles of laundry that needed to be done, and with the pollen washed thoroughly away, I could no longer set it aside for another day.

So I washed one load and then another and then still another.

In between getting laundry into the washer, hanging it out to dry, folding items they dried, and then putting them away, I wove in some of the ends on my scrap yarn granny squares.

Sometimes I would weave them in based on their color (red, green, pink) other times I would weave them in based on location (the center, the edge, a specific corner).

One end here, another end there. By the time I was ready to get started on my crochet today, this was the progress I had made:

scrap yarn granny squares
My progress as of 9 EDT this morning

Both squares still had what I think of as a “Jackson Pollock” look to them, but there were clearly places that progress and been made, and while, I  thought of the progress as “modest”, but I was  itching to move onto what’s next, so today I decided to really concentrate on getting the ends woven in and not allow outside events to disturb my concentration..

I got a few ends woven in before breakfast, but then my dog wanted a walk. I continued dutifully until lunch, at which point I ate a salad and then got back to work. Eventually, I tired of sitting, so I took a walk.

But bit by bit, end by end, I made progress, and then, shortly after three o’clock, all the ends were woven in:

scrap yarn granny squares
Six hours and fifteen minute later

The squares had been transformed. The lines of demarcation between colors were clear and precise, and when I turned them over, the front looked as good as the back:

scrap yarn granny squares
The front of the two completed scrap yarn granny squares

I had originally wanted to make these squares into a granny square tote, but now I don’t, and even though I don’t know ultimately what they will be, I will continue to move forward the only way possible: one stitch at a time.

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  1. Ooo-la-la. I’m not sure why but it is always with relief and a sense of accomplishment that I finish weaving them in!!!!! ??

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