Three large crochet flowers all in a row (almost)

Yesterday I spent what ended up being more time than I had budgeted writing a pattern for the very large crochet flowers that I am working on. If had spent my time just crocheting, the three “all in a row” flowers would have been completed, but as a result of a Judy Chicago interview I heard, I am taking a more stringent approach to documenting my work, and I am making sure that I take the time to record it so that a year from now when I want to make more of these flowers, I don’t have to reconstruct the steps I took to make them.

I have decided that I either need three of these flowers, or I need five, so I decided to start with three and see where that would take me. I finished the flower I was making with Bernat Value orange, and then I moved onto another flower that I crochet with Bernat Value yellow. Both were left over from a Sunshine and Shadow crochet blanket that I had made. From there, I moved to Red Heart Super Saver grenadine which is my current favorite of what I think of as “the loud pinks.”

Three large crochet flowers all in a row
Three large crochet flowers all in a row

The flowers looked pretty good on their own, but how, I wondered, would they look on the yarn bomb for which they were made?

I went to the bin and laid out the yarn bomb, and then set the flowers on top. I was pretty pleased with how it looks, but I’m not sure that three is the right number:

Then, when I was not crocheting, I went out in search of the prefect fork. I had been at YouTube looking for different ideas for crochet flowers, and I came across a technique that mimics embroidery using yarn and a fork.

But my yarn bomb is pretty large, and the little flowers that could be made with the table fork were fairly small, but in the recesses of my brain I recalled a serving fork that had been in our house when I was a child.

So I asked my mom if she could check her box of flatware she doesn’t currently use, and sure enough, the fork in my imagination did exist:

A large serving fork with four prongs to use as a tool to make a flower with yarn
A large serving fork with four prongs to use as a tool to make a flower with yarn

I don’t know that a fork this size will work as well as the fork in this video, but sometimes if you want to be successful, you have to be willing to fail along the way.

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