Van Gogh’s stash bag

Now that I am past the midway point of my shelving unit organization project, two things are clear to me:

One, I need to sort through the unfinished projects that remain in the cubbies, and inventory, consolidate, and organize them into their own discrete bags and move them to the yarn annex.

Two, I need to make more stash bags to finish the sorting and storing of my acrylic yarn collection. To that end, while I have been doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I got started on stash bag 18.

Inspired by this photo of one of the paintings in Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflower series:

vincent van gogh sunflowers
One of Vicent Van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings

I got out my Red Heart Super Saver gold and lemon worsted weight yarns and with my ever trusty J hook fashioned this bag:

crochet stash basket
The body of my sunflower inspired crochet stash bag 18

I then got out some Red Heart Super Saver tea leaf and set to work making two handles:

two crochet straps
Two crochet handles for my sunflower inspired stash bag 18

Once the body of the bag and the handles were done, I swapped out the 6.0mm hook for a 4.0mm hook, got out my copy of Lesley Stanfield’s 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet, and using my vast stores of Red heart Super Saver and the pattern from the sunflower on page 97 as a guide, I made these sunflowers:

three crochet sunflowers
Three crochet sunflowers all in a row

Then, with my ever trusty Clover bent-tipped needles, I attached everything that needed attaching and in short order I had my new Van Gogh inspired stash bag:

crochet sunflower yarn stash bag
The Van Gogh inspired sunflower crochet stash bag fully assembled

Into which I put more of my stash:

crochet sunflower stash bag
The crochet sunflower stash bag with stash

I think I need to make another 4 or 5 bags to best contain my current stash, and I expect that if I am ever in a position to retire them from use as stash bags, I will have to move to the beach where I can then use them as beach bags.

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