Do or do not. There is no try.

I found this on a small slip of paper I had saved from a fortune cookie that no doubt marked the end of a dinner of Chinese food. I have no specific recollection of the meal in question, but I found this artifact of a long-ago fortune cookie at a critical moment in my organization efforts — I needed to do something or not do something — there is no try.

There was (and is) a lot to be done, and everything was clamoring for my attention. I was having trouble deciding what to do next, and that hesitation turned into stasis. Finally, I began to consolidate my button holdings.

Once I had fit the buttons into two containers and put the two empty containers in recycle, the fortune became the day’s mantra, and I decided that what I would “do” next was make another pet mat. Making the pet mat would serve two purposes.

First, it would give me something to contribute at the next Off the Hook Crochet Guild meeting. We are making pet mats to donate to the Snuggles Project in memory of Jean Leinhauser, crocheter extraordinaire, who recently passed away.

Second, in making the pet mat, I would be using yarn that has no assigned project. If I use the yarn to make pet mats, I don’t have to find a place to put it.

So I got out my 8.0 mm hook and the bulky weight yarn I had purchased on a lark and set to work. Before the afternoon was over, I had made this pet mat loosely based on Kim Werker’s Bullseye Pet Mat pattern:

Bulky yarn crochet pet mat
I finish another pet mat

Pleased with the pet mat, I continued in my efforts to “do” and worked one of the squares from the crochet-a-long I am involved in. As I have spent most of my crochet energy of the past couple of weeks on things to do that will better organize my yarn empire, I have gotten a bit more behind on the crochet-a-long, and I wanted to stop my slide.

That, and one of the squares recently assigned uses a stitch I had been itching to try.

I went outside my color comfort zone and worked in what for me is monochrome. Using a 4.5mm hook, and Red Heart Super Saver burgundy, shocking pink, and cherry red, I worked Square 10 from Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares:

c2c crochet square in burgundy, pink, and red Square 10 which I did do, because there is no try
Square 10 which I did do, because there is no try

Once I got past the initial awkwardness of working a new stitch, the square went very quickly, and when it was done, I was completely taken with it.

My day of doing and not doing went so well, I just might do it again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Do or do not. There is no try.

  1. Love the mantra and the energy it allows to flow forth… Also LOVE your monochrome work – even it is color filled!!!! My stash and recent unpacked order from Red Heart have finally been addressed and placed within the two ginormous armoires my Mother in law gifted to me when she recently sold her northern digs…… perhaps pictures would be in order……

  2. Both fantastic, so colourful, which is what I love the most about all your projects

  3. your comment…Is it possible that there are people who do not know that it was the Jedi Master Yoda who first made “Do or do not. There is no try” famous?

    You are do-ing very well!

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