Today’s weather was (to my mind) miserably cold, so while I had originally planned to felt the Merri Purdy make-up bag I had crocheted earlier in the week, I was of no mind to set up my felting apparatus outside where the light was good for making a video.

So I went to my crochet empire/guest room where I surveyed my bookshelf. I was looking for my copy of Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares when I came across this copy of Maggy Ramsay’s Magic Motif Crochet:

magic motif crochet
Magic Motif Crochet

I bought this book when I first learned to crochet. I had already purchased a used copy of Crocheting for the Home written with Sondra Miller, and I was delighted to be able to add this book to my then burgeoning collection of craft books.

The book contained any number of projects I wished to make, but the Textured Squares Afghan (see photo below) was definitely on my list of things I wanted to do one day:

textured crochet squares afghan
Textured crochet squares afghan

This afternoon that elusive “one day” finally arrived.

I had tried to crochet the basic motif once before shortly after I had purchased the book. My effort was hampered by the fact that I was not yet adept at reading written directions, and I did not understand the basics of how the square was made.

Today, however, armed with a 4.5 mm hook, a skein of Red Heart Super Saver aran, and the vast stores of crochet knowledge I have accumulated in the intervening decade since I made that first effort, I was able to make this first motif in just under 15 minutes:

small textured crochet square
The foundation motif of Maggy Ramsay’s Textured Crochet Squares Afghan

I continued my work and made three more squares; the third square took about twice as long as any of the others as I made all of my mistakes on this square and had to frog it repeatedly before I got it right.

But eventually, I did get it right, and I had all four squares ready and waiting to be assembled:

four small textured crochet squares
Four of the foundation crochet motifs ready to be assembled into a square

I put the right sides together, and then (from the back) worked a single crochet stitch both loops of both squares:

four textured crochet squares
Four of the foundation crochet motifs joined into two strips

I then took the two strips I had made, put them face-to-face, and worked a single crochet as I had for the previous joins and ended up with this square:

four textured squares joined into one textured crochet square
Four of the foundation crochet motifs joined into a square

I don’t know how long I can realistically expect to work in one color. I did it today because intellectually I know that it is easier to see the stitches and that working in one color highlights the texture work and patterns that are part of this design.

So far, I like the way the motifs look, but I am also curious to know how this design would look with a variety of colors or a variegated yarn. The one thing I know for certain is that it will have to wait for tomorrow.

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif

6 thoughts on “Vanilla

  1. I also have a hard time working in one color for a long length of time. I vote for various “shades” of vanilla, perhaps adding chocolate or…. that way the texture is star but you will keep at it. Is there a bannana and strawberry out there? Ice cream anyone? with cherry and nuts on top……

  2. I know this won’t be popular with you, Crochetbug, BUT…I love the one-color! The texture is so lovely and there are no distractions. Since you love to explore the nuances of crochet, perhaps you will, just this once, explore the beauty of crochet texture.

  3. This must have been strange for you working with such a mute color. It’s so unlike most of your work. Maybe it’s a reflection of yesterdays weather. I’ll send you some california sunshine to correct your pallet. 🙂

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