Waiting for Godot

Today, I had an errand to assist with.

I had spent the morning finishing up yet another crochet stash bag, and so when I was preparing to leave the house, I needed something else to work on.

I grabbed my full complement of hooks and other basic crochet tools, some Red Heart Super Saver in the colors Orchid and Cherry Red to use for the dot motif in the groovyghan I am making, as well a partial skein of a Bernat yarn from the Super Value I wanted to use to make a stash bag.

On the drive to the errand, I was able to finish crocheting the Cherry Red dot, and once I parked and began the process of waiting, I used one of my Clover bent-tipped needles to weave in the ends:

cherry red crochet circle or crochet dot
Big cherry red dot for one of the seven crochet dot motifs needed for the groovyghan

Thinking that the waiting wouldn’t be more than 30 minutes, I decided to begin work on my second large dot of the day with the Orchid yarn that was in my bag. I continued to wait and to work, and before I knew it the second dot was done:

purple crochet circle
Big orchid crochet dot for one of the seven crochet dot motifs needed for the groovyghan

Bent-tipped Clover needle in hand, in short order, I had the ends of the Orchid dot woven in:

two large crochet circles aka a purple crochet dot and a red crochet dot
Two big crochet dots for my awesome groovyghan to be

With two of the dots for my groovyghan-to-be completed, I wondered if I had time to start on the third (and final) crochet task I had brought with me. As it turned out, my waiting was no where near done, so my decision to get out my J hook and get to work on a yellow crochet stash bag, ended up being a good one, and before sunset, I had gotten this far:

crochet hexagon bottom of a crochet bag
I finish the bottom of yet another crochet stash bag

My waiting today was, by most measures, more fruitful than that of Godot’s characters, Vladimir and Estragon, and I am grateful to have a vocation like crochet that allows me to fill unexpected moments with purpose they might not otherwise have.

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