Waiting on Hermine

I spent a lot of today doing things that I might not be able to do tomorrow.

Hermine — the first named storm of the 2016 hurricane season predicted to threaten North Carolina — is, as I type this, preparing to come ashore along the Gulf Coast of Florida, and is expected to work her way up the eastern seaboard tomorrow.

In anticipation of the storm heading north toward Raleigh, I made sure to get some things done today that will be harder to do tomorrow when the chance of precipitation will hover around 90% before reaching 100%.

But with yesterday’s spectacular weather and some “crojo” from a dear friend who was willing to share, I was able to get the ends woven in on the dueling crochet fans:

Weaving in the ends of dueling crochet fan motifs while waiting on Hermine
Weaving in and trimming the ends of dueling crochet fan motifs while waiting on Hermine

With the fans done, I found myself face-to-face with more indecision. What, I wondered, should I work on next?

In addition to the random shapes of the fabric pieces, an important element of any crazy quilt is the embroidery decorating the surface, so I thought that while I am still figuring out a few of the particulars of the center panel for this year’s state fair piece, I could multi-task and use the time to ruminate and decorate the surface of the pieces with embroidery.

I started with a triangle. Using Red Heart Super Saver split into two strands and thread for making friendship bracelets, I tricked out the chosen triangle to reasonably good effect:

embroidery on crochet
Tricking out the bright orchid triangle

and while it doesn’t seem “done” to me yet, I decided to set it aside for the moment and return to the three crochet crazy quilt pieces I had already joined so I could get a better sense of how the decorative elements would coordinate over several pieces:

embroidery on crochet
Putting the crazy in crazy quilt

I am not unhappy with the results, but it is clear to me that there is a lot to be done between now and the October 10 deadline, and I will continue to work as I always do– one stitch at a time.


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  1. This crazy quilt idea is such a great one! I never would have thought of trying it in crochet. I really believe it’s going to be a beautiful addition to your State Fair project.

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