What I did at the 20th Annual Spring Banquet

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my youngest son plays the trumpet.

In addition to weekly lessons, he is also in the band program at his high school, and the end of each school year is marked by what is known as the spring banquet.

The primary purpose of the spring banquet is to wish the seniors well, hand off the various band duties to the juniors and sophomores, and let the seniors say their thank yous and good-byes.

This year’s theme was “the circus,” and that pretty well describes both the joy and chaos of the evening which began at 6:00 pm sharp and lasted until 9:30 just after the band officers for the 2013-2014 school year received their assignments.

Since it only took me 30 minutes to get my dinner and eat it, I spent the other 180 minutes of the banquet getting as start on a Project Linus project.

Each year Project Linus has a conference, and while this year’s conference (which runs from June 19-22 in Normal, Illinois) did not fit into my summer travel schedule, there is a blanket challenge that does not require one to attend the conference.

It does, however, require that one’s entry arrive by May 31.

I don’t honestly know that I can make that deadline, but I am going to give it a shot, because even if I can’t enter my project in the blanket challenge, I can still donate my completed blanket to Project Linus.

Using the selection of quilting fabrics designed for this blanket challenge and available through Quilting Treasures as my guide, I decided that I would start with a center panel that is a blue blanket similar to the one the character Linus always has with him.

I completed about half of this during the banquet, and the other half here and there over the weekend when I was not working on the Tetrisghan:

seventy-two rows of single crochet for the blue center panel of a crochet blanket
The center panel as of mid-afternoon

Then today, shortly after two o’clock I worked on it more diligently, and had gotten this far shortly before sunset:

the blue center panel of a crochet blanket worked in single crochet stitches
There center panel shortly before sunset

While I certainly hope that I can finish this project and meet the deadline for the blanket challenge, the more important part of this project is that by making this blanket, I have an opportunity to share my love of crochet and bring comfort to a child who needs it.

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