A newly completed Tetrisghan

If I were asked to write an essay on the topic “How I spent my weekend,” it would be very similar to the blog post I wrote a week ago today as I again spent most of the weekend working on the Tetris inspired blanket, but there would be one key difference: this weekend I finally finished it, and my newly completed Tetrisghan is now ready for adventure.

When the sun rose on an absolutely gorgeous pollen laden Saturday, my first order of business was to finish joining the Bauhaus block border strips to the two Tetris array panels, and shortly after lunch today, I completed that task:

tetris crochet blanket, crochet tetrominos
The Tetrisghan with all of the pieces assembled

Pleased with the overall effect, but not satisfied with the untreated edge, I experimented with two possible borders.

The first was a simple slip stitch.

This had worked marvelously a couple of weeks ago when I was experimenting with various border options on a few squares, but it did not work out as well on a large scale as it had with my smaller test, so I frogged it and started over.

Next, I tried a single crochet stitch, and after a little bit of trial and error about where to place the single crochet stitches along the left and the right edges of the Tetrisghan, and one experiment with five stitches in a corner (I ended up going with three), it was, at long last, done.

Here is one view:

tetris crochet blanket with a single crochet border
The Tetrisghan with a final round of single crochet

and here is another:

Another view of the completed Tetrisghan
Another view of the completed Tetrisghan

I am pleased to have finished the Tetrisghan, but as always, other projects both new and old await my attention, so I will enjoy this brief moment of feeling that I have gotten something done, and when the sun rises on the new day, I will, with hook in hand embark on whatever crochet adventure lies ahead.

13 thoughts on “A newly completed Tetrisghan

  1. Cookies, computer games, Amish quilts, math concepts – you find your inspiration in the darndest places and it always works, Crochetbug. A true artist.

  2. Must be honest. All along as you were working on the individual pieces, I was not nearly as enamoured with this ‘ghan as I have been with so many others you’ve done. But now, you make me eat my words (thoughts, whatever). You have, once again, created a truly beautiful, entirely original piece of art. Bravo!

  3. Dear CrochetBug,

    any pattern for this you could direct me to? My boy children consider most of what I crochet too flowery for their beds. This pattern would be the ticket – they game!!!

    thanks much!

    1. I will have a rudimentary page of instructions up by Friday so that you can get started, and by the end of June I should have everything else done in a more coherent and formal fashion.

  4. Can’t wait for your posting of the pattern! I would love to take a shot at this one!

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