When life interferes with crochet

Some days it seems that the wheels of my life are stuck in the mud and that all I can get done is to make them spin.

Today was supposed to be a day given over completely to crochet with no other obligations. I had envisioned myself getting projects done. I had no errands to run, but somehow the entire day got away from me.

To make matters more discouraging, I didn’t even get much done in the way of housework. It is now well past dark and the dishwasher has not been run, the French press has not been rinsed out, and I have not fed the cat. I did, however, manage to snap this picture of a shawl I finally completed:

crochet shawl
Homespun crochet shawl on my grandmother’s rocking chair

Now I can fold it neatly and put it in a box lined with colorful tissue paper and a card with which to send well wishes.

I am hoping that my stasis made it possible for someone to make substantial progress on an important project be it an afghan to comfort someone in need, a pair of slippers to thaw frozen feet, an amazing bag to carry the things we carry, or a sweet amigurumi to bring a bit of joy and silly where ever they might be needed.